Haywood Parrish

Brother Haywood Parrish

A short Biography on Haywood Parrish

After graduating from Wendell Phillips High School, he attended Harold Washington College before heading down to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. While attending Southern Illinois University, Haywood pledged Kappa Alpha Psi in 1974. There were seven brothers on his line and he crossed over as First Mate, which is second to the Captain. He was proud and dedicated member throughout his lifetime. He was a member of Evergreen Park Alumni Chapter.

Haywood worked for Illinois Bell, currently AT&T for over 30 years. During his working years, he also developed a craft and skill for remodeling homes and interior design. He took pride in his work and was often very excited to show off his latest creative idea. You could see his creativity come to life in his own home.  He used that skill to become an independent contractor where he remodeled homes as a secondary profession.

Outside of family, Haywood lived for the game of golf. He retired early so he could enjoy life on the golf course. He was involved in multiple golf groups where he spent the majority of the week improving his game, and as he would say “beating his competition.” He had a love for traveling and during his travels he made sure to visit as many courses as he could. One of his favorite golf courses was Pebble Beach Golf Course in Pebble Beach, CA. He wasn’t able to visit Pebble Beach while he was here on earth, but we are sure this was one of the first places he visited when he gained his wings.

Haywood was loved throughout his community, and often brought smiles and a sense of calmness to anyone in his presence. Whether it was a block party, a grandkid’s sporting event, or an evening gathered at home, he was sure to engage in meaningful conversation and usually left you pondering for days. He definitely took pride in his ability to influence others to think differently.

After a brief battle with gall bladder cancer, his final peace came on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at his home in Libertyville, IL surrounded by family and friends.